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Maintain Your Core Ultimate Warmth

Light, Soft, Warm

Enjoy up to 20 hours of long-lasting warmth.

Embrace the

Winter Adventure
with Our
Heated Apparel.

What are the customers saying?

First of all, I was very impressed with the packaging that this arrived in. It comes in a carrying case and they put a lot of thought into the presentation. It fits great and if you didn't know better you wouldn't be able to tell that it contains heating elements. The battery pack conceals nicely away in a secret inner pocket and will last all day or longer. You can choose from different levels of heat and the location of the heat to fit your needs. I wore this ice fishing and was toasty all day. Love it and I HIGHLY recommend!!!


Bought this to help make my winter bike rides to work more tolerable after using their heated gloves to good effect last winter. This vest is great. I've found myself wearing it even to less cold events just like I would a normal vest; once the lights on the front provide the proper indication of desired level you've set it to they turn off, so I've worn this to bars/restaurants (turning off once inside) and it doesn't have a weird/technology appearance, just looks like a normal puffy vest. Layer it under something with sleeves (it is thin enough to do so easily) and you're super toasty. Love it!


I ordered the vest for the cold winter in Chicago and ski trips. It turns out so premium-made and comfortably lightweight that I find it nice to wear indoors too! The heating was fast and I was surrounded by warmth in about a minute. And I like the way it evenly dissipates around the body -- it is breathable and feels natural. One thing to mention is that the heating button/indicator design is low-key whilst very convenient. I usually turn on the heating when I go outside and turn it off after I enter the building. The power bank can last long enough for almost 1 week for my usage.


These worked great this past winter on multiple hunting trips when spending most of the day in a tree stand. Really like the remote so I don't have to go through all my layers to reach the sock to turn on, off, or adjust the heat level. Left off while walking to the stand and once my body temp cooled I turned on the socks to keep my toes warm. Was able to stay out longer than I usually was able to.


I suffer from a neurological disorder that causes my feet to become very cold very quickly when winter temperatures set in. These socks allow me to spend time outside with my grandkids, run my snowblower, and go shopping, without the discomfort I usually experience outside in cold weather. they are plush, the battery is not too bulky, and keep my feet comfortably warm. Thanks for a great product!